Being a new dad: caring for a newborn

Being a new dad
Here we give tips for new dads on caring for a newborn baby. There is always something to be done and this time is a great opportunity for dads to begin bonding with their baby.

Watch the video below to see NCT dad Chris describe his amazing experience of becoming a father through surrogacy and hear his top tip on dealing with the challenges of early parenthood.

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23 questions to ask your child about Mummy


There’s a new ‘thing’ going round on Facebook where you ask your child these 23 questions and you have to write down exactly what they say. Some of the answers they give are very enlightening. Some hilarious. Others make our hearts swell. We couldn’t resist joining in. Here’s what our kids had to say:

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Managing School Holidays and Vacations


Not surprisingly, some single and working parents have grown to dread school vacations, legal holidays (like Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Washington’s Birthday), and “teacher in-service days.” These are days when the child is out of school but parents usually have to be at work. To make matters worse, care givers whom you might rely on at other times of the year often ask for time off during holidays, and community activities like art classes and Scouting often are cancelled too.

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Raising a Toddler Can be Child’s Play

Mom and Baby in Winter

Play is how your toddler explores and learns about the world. Support and encourage this play.

  • Allow your child lots of time to play.
  • Match your child’s interests with play activities.
  • Take care of yourself—playing with your toddler can take a lot of your energy.
  • When you are having fun, your child is having fun too!
  • Playing and pretending allow your child to learn and grow.
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    Growing Independence: Tips for Parents of Young Children

    tiid (1)

    Children Love to Learn

    • Open and honest communication will create a lifelong closeness with your child.
    • Routines and responsibilities will let your child know what to expect. When a rule is broken, a natural consequence needs to follow.
    • As you teach your child how to be independent, you also need to teach how to be safe.
    • Learning how to be a good friend is an important skill you can teach your child.
    • Your little one is starting to explore the world outside your home. This is exciting, but can be scary!

    Children from 4 to 6 years old are:

    • Beginning to develop their independence and form real friendships.
    • Learning rules to more difficult games.
    • Developing important life skills.

    Set Limits

    When children do something against the rules, explain simply and in a few words:

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    Baby’s Temperament

    tempere (1)

    Consider these two babies, both from the same family, both girls:

    • The first infant is calm and quiet, happy to play by herself. She watches everything that happens around her, but rarely demands attention herself. Left on her own, she sleeps for long periods and eats infrequently.
    • The second baby is fussy and startles easily. She thrashes her arms and legs, moving almost constantly whether awake or asleep. While most newborns sleep fourteen hours a day, she sleeps only ten, and wakens whenever there’s the slightest activity nearby. She seems in a hurry to do everything at once and even eats in a rush, gulping her feedings and swallowing so much air that she needs frequent burping.

    Both these babies are absolutely normal and healthy. One is no “better” than the other, but because their personalities are so far apart, the two will be treated very differently, right from birth.

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    Blended families

    gumboots-E704GJ (1)

    Blended families are formed when adults in a new relationship move in together. One or both partners may have children who live with the new couple some or all of the time. Given time, energy and care, blended families generally work well.

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